EEEEEE! -- An Introduction

by Gregg Pearlman

EEEEEE! is chiefly a venting vehicle. That is, it allows us (that's the editorial "us," which mostly means "me") to tell you exactly what we think, exactly how we feel about the current state of the only major league team worth rooting for. (In brief: not good overall, but better than it's been.) We love the Giants fiercely and intensely, and because this love for the team is so fierce and intense, we can't help criticizing it in as many ways as possible. That's why our language spends so much time in foul territory.

EEEEEE! is for Giants fans. This is the same thing as saying that EEEEEE! is for frustrated people. In these pages, frustrations will be expressed; criticisms will fly freely; in short, we're hoping that this newsletter will really embody the concept of "EEEEEE!" (What does that mean?)

EEEEEE! began in August 1996 (really in July, but I hadn't told anybody yet). Usually I try to update it at least weekly, and you'll note the presence of some awfully long articles. The updates usually consist of notes on the current baseball season, though we've been known to slip in some standalone essays and articles. One essay is a large excerpt of the diary I kept during the 1993 season, which basically was the manifestation, the epitome, of "EEEEEE!"

The editorial staff of EEEEEE! currently consists of me, although David Beck is my welcome and wonderful contributing editor, and I'm proud to say that after the 1997 season, Richard Booroojian became the first contributor from the Giants Usenet newsgroup, and he too has since worked his way through the ranks to the lofty position of contributing editor. Other contributors, to date, have included, but are not necessarily limited to, Tom Austin, David Fox, David Malbuff, Grant Brisbee, Todd Hawley, Woody, Phil Ross, Rick Braverman, and Jesse Thorn. Please forgive me if you should be on that list, but aren't.

If you're interested in contributing (and obviously ain't no way we can pay you except in thanks), or if you just have comments or something, please e-mail me at the address shown at the bottom of the page, or

tell us a little bit about yourself.

By the way, EEEEEE! is in its fifth year of existence, and it's been a lot of fun.

And if you want to know what EEEEEE! means, please read on.

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