The XBL isn't just some alternative version of the Grand Old Game. It's the definitive version. Everything else is a pale, shopworn copy. This isn't some new, fly-by night, top-level, professional baseball league. No major league egos -- who has time for that noise? These guys who want to play baseball, not renegotiate contracts or demand rides for their family on Air Force One. The XBL is baseball. Baseball as it's meant to be. Mollycoddling wimps is out. Old thinking disguised as "tradition"? G'bye. The XBL is action. The XBL is today. The XBL is happening. And we'll be right here with you during this exciting inaugural season. Check back frequently for new articles, features, and all sorts of X-tensive coverage from experienced sportswriters, such as:

The first installment of Around the XBL -- by Relby Fardlanger
Inside the XBL The first installment of Inside the XBL -- by Jeremy Stetson
Profile: Zig Mantequilla Profile: XBL founder Zig Mantequilla -- by Mal Muscovy
Introduction to the XBL An in-depth introduction to the XBL -- by Carl Crighughie
So What's Different? To come: So what's different? Rules? Or what? Tell me! -- by Kurt Tudge
Taliban Timmy Treadhappy To come: Interview with D.C. Bills manager Taliban Timmy Treadhappy -- by Mick O'Fean

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