Why "EEEEEE!"?

by Gregg Pearlman

David Beck and I roomed together at San Diego State University during the 1980-81 school year. Dave's been my best friend since high school, and it's fair to say that, on many topics, we have a language of our own. Perhaps the prime example of this is that when we discuss the table-top baseball game we spent years trying to develop, no one else can understand what we're talking about. We're also lifelong Giants fans, which lends itself to more frustration than most people would consider strictly necessary.

While we were in San Diego, Dave adopted the cry of "EEEEEE!" when frustrated, especially while watching the Giants. I eventually picked up that habit as well. "EEEEEE!" is delivered in a loud, pinched, anguished, groan, sometimes punctuated by mock sobs, and usually high pitched, but never falsetto. "EEEEEE!" is also signified by the following gesture:

Things that are frustrating are "EEEEEE-making":

Don't make me explain this again.

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