Let's Talk Babes

By Gregg Pearlman

*** Warning: This document contains naughty words and "adult" themes. It's also fairly sexist, having been written long ago, when it wasn't against the law to describe someone in terms of their looks. At least, that's the excuse we're sticking with.***

One main topic of conversation at our frequent Star Trek forums is the all-embracing, salient question of "Who would you say are the best-looking Star Trek babes?" "How incredibly sexist," you might yammer. Fine with me. Hey, I'm married, not dead -- I'm still allowed to look at women. My wife has no compunctions about gurgling over her favorite TV dinners, so why should I? Then again, neither of us takes any of it too seriously. So now that I've feebly justified my "babes" comment, let's head into the list (presented in no particular order, probably):

Then there's what we call the Ostensible Star Trek Babes: those women who are represented in an episode as if they're honeys, but actually fall far short -- whether it be due to costumes, makeup, or "just not having it":

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